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Alessandro Ciminata transcends indie pop on "Over and Over"

A consistent challenge for musicians is their sonic identity, and naturally, all manner of techniques are employed to get there. London-based indie-pop savant Alessandro Ciminata earned much of his signature sound in just his voice alone but his latest single "Over and Over" forges envelope-pushing songwriting that adds multi-layered instrumentals that we can't get enough of. 

Organic elements coalesce with the synthetic on his latest, "Over and Over." Lifted from his debut EP of the same name, he ponders on the repetitiveness of human nature and "that there’s nothing to do to stop this vicious circle because at the end of the day we like these mistakes," he shared via email. His one-of-a-kind vocal delivery carries the introspective weight of the topic, neither overtly positive or negative, but a perfectly pensive melancholy.

With a release of this calibre joining an already strong back catalogue, there's no doubt plenty more in store from this inspired artist.

"Over and Over" is out now via Yada Yada Records.

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