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Vanita delivers enchanting melodious tunes in EP "Call of Niburu"

We all strive to experiment, shaking the very boundaries placed around us in societal means. As a result we grow, and perhaps no one other than Vanita can attest to this. After the powerful release of Gravity on Heinz Music last year, the producer returns with renewed virality, her sonic signatures expanding to even more otherworldly means in her latest EP Call of Niburu.

Title track "Call Of Niburu" enchants where emotions meet fairytale soundscapes, where we are encapsulated into a reverie of warm percussions and silky synths in the thick of developing bass. It's these pulsating grooves that truly build out a fully-fledged narrative in which listeners drift away into a curated pandemonium that is "Call Of Niburu". Following on "Need", we see Kieran Fowkes lend his voice for a contrasting, hypnotizing soundscape. Characterized by wild soreness and layered over dreamy synths, Vanita delivers a provocatively sensual number that maintains self-assured maturity through and through the incessant percussive elements. "Tonight" concludes the EP with chanting vocals and a fierce synth lead, presenting a rough and catchy atmosphere that is obscurely polished through the soft percussive work. Rough yet refined, expansive yet meticulously detailed, Vanita's Call Of Niburu offers more than three melodic house and techno cuts; it offers a new perspective into her sound—a reflection of her artistic evolution.

Based in the beautiful city of Zürich and with strong roots in Italy, Vanessa Spolidoro aka Vanita, has come a long way since she appeared on the scene back in 2009. Gaining notoriety in Zürich and beyond, Vanita has built up a reputation, leading to releases on several smaller labels before releases on Draft Label, EIN2 and Berlin's Katermukke imprint. With more releases lined up for the near future and more international bookings to come, Vanita is definitely one to watch out for.

Buy Call of Niburu here.

Connect with Vanita: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

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