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Beachtape take us “Somewhere Better” in dreamy new alt-rock single

Beachtape is a beautiful example of what happens when a band takes an influence we all know—as one example here, Weezer—and transform that sound into something unique and killer. The Brighton UK's band's latest, “Somewhere Better,” is a dream-pop dreamscape of warbled guitar solos, catchy melodies, and relatable lyrics.

 “It’s about change,” the band tells EARMILK. “The inevitable changes in our future, and reflecting on changes from our past. The idea of something feeling so significant in the moment, but becoming so insignificant over time and vice versa. Our lives in and outside of the band have changed a lot over the last year and we’re all in completely different places to what we may have imagined a year ago.” 

Lyrics encapsulate that feeling. “Maybe this time next year, we’ll all be laughing to ourselves,” the song says. The single closes with a dreamy hopefulness, a sweet melodic serenade and the lyrical shift to “I will be somewhere better.” 

"Somewhere Better" comes at a fitting time. Though the UK band will no longer be attending SXSW due to its cancellation, fans can catch them on their home turf playing new tunes and old.

Connect with Beachtape: SoundCloud | Bandcamp | Facebook 

Alternative · Dreampop · Shoegaze


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