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Cinoevil's self-titled debut album is authentic hip-hop lyricism at its finest

Cinoevil, a New Jersey rapper, drops his powerful new self-titled album, Cinoevil. Packed with gems, we will constantly find treasures. Bringing nothing but authentic vibes, we are all able to experience his gift of pure poetry. 

Opening up his album with "Revolt," Cinoevil gives us enthralling poetic lines that capture our attention. By definition, to revolt means to rise in rebellion. Intelligently naming this track, he becomes a leader and wants us all to open up our eyes. This rapper wisely using his platform to make us conscious of what we may not see. Choosing eerie beats to compliment these fiery words, he mysteriously reveals what would happen if we don't take his advice. 
On "Grind," he takes a more sonically upbeat approach. We can definitely play this track if we want to get inspired and have fun while doing so. Making it clear that music is not just a hobby for him, his lyrics undoubtedly bring motivation to those who are serious about their work ethic.
The last track shows us how Cinoevil is here for "Vengeance." Through clever words, GMD Purp and Tunez join to create a well-built and powerful team. Every single artist adds a taste of their own ingredients to create a flawless track. The hardcore beats perfectly compliment the raw lyricism present throughout this song. Press play and feel the high emotion.
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