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HOWES3 drops stunning new track "Too Many Kicks"

In any search for progressive, soulful instrumental music, HOWES3 deserves to be included. The Brighton-based trio has cut their teeth playing shows and festivals around Europe in recent years, including supporting Taylor McFerrin and the legend Billy Cobham. The group has abundant talent, fiery energy, and they play together with effortless ease. They recently joined the impressive roster at Deep Matter Records and have released the third preview of their forthcoming debut album, a formidable track called "Too Many Kicks."

Keyboardist Oli Howe, bassist Marcus Porter, and drummer Luke Campbell all showcase astonishing musicianship on the new single, with each delivering some jaw-dropping moments on their respective instruments. While Howe follows the punchy melody with a dexterous and stylish piano solo, Porter and Campbell get other moments to show off their chops throughout, particularly in the hard-hitting outro to the track. At the core of the HOWES3 sound on "Too Many Kicks," however, is an undeniable synergy between the three musicians. That connection combines with overflowing skills and tasteful melodies for a memorable musical experience.

HOWES3's debut album Moving Forward will be released on Deep Matter Records in April 2020.

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