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Vanderslice and Vic Spencer bring pure heat on a "Cold Winter" day

Producer Vanderslice is presently gearing up to drop his compilation project and in the interim, he shares a little something for us to taste while he goes back to the lab to cook. The track in question is titled "Cold Winter" and features Chicago lyrical bruiser Vic Spencer who goes on a verbal warpath over Vanderslice's ominous production.

Bolstered by rich-sounding broody organs and neck-snapping drums, the instrumental is a straight-up punisher and perfectly fits Spencer's devil-may-care bravado. The emcee who declares that he’s the best out of his city—a serious boast given Chicago’s breadth of output—delivers one quotable bar after the next. At one moment he’s big-upping his talents, and at another, he’s threatening anyone who steps to him with lines like: “Whenever, we can meet up/You don't wanna do that shit,'cos your conscious said you gonna get beat up....” Clocking less than 2 minutes long, "Cold Winter" hits hard and goes straight to the point sans gimmicks or unnecessary hooks.

 “Cold Winter” is the debut track off the producer’s forthcoming compilation EP, Trendsetter. A 7 track compilation where Vanderslice uses the vintage Tanner library Trendsetter series as the sample source for every track. Guest features include G Perico, Vic Spencer, Ty Farris, Daniel Son and more. Pre-order the EP here.

Side A:

01. Intro

02. Cold Winter (feat. Vic Spencer)

03. Christmas Night (feat. Ty Farris)

04. Barry White Shit (feat. G Perico)

05. Puzzles (feat. Daniel Son)

06. Shell Casings (feat. Capo)

07. Outro

Side B:

01. Intro (Instrumental)

02. Cold Winter (Instrumental)

03. Christmas Night (Instrumental)

04. Barry White Shit (Instrumental)

05. Puzzles (Instrumental)

06. Shell Casings (Instrumental)

07. Outro (Instrumental)

Connect with Vanderslice  | Soundcloud | Spotify|  TwitterInstagram

Connect with Vanderslice  |  Spotify| TwitterInstagram

Hip-Hop · Rap


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