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Cayley Thomas drops new single "Two Minds" for spring playlists

Is it too early to start talking about spring playlists? I don’t know about you, but I match my music to what season I’m in, and some songs just fit perfectly into the time in which we listen to them. Edmonton-based artist Cayley Thomas’s new single is a good example of this. “Two Minds” has that old fashioned, almost funky rhythm that reminds me of a walk through a park in springtime.

Cayley Thomas is due for a noteworthy single. Her 2019 single “Midnight Hours” is a base-line- fed indie gem. February’s release “Blue Jean Baby” fills my head with visions of film cameras and diners, reminding me of Lana Del Rey's vocal style prevalent in her latest album. So “Two Minds” is an unsurprisingly catchy follow-up to her latest tracks. Thomas’ vocals harmonize well with the alt-pop instrumentals, all of which settle nicely into a bridge populated by understated horns. I am eager for that first hint of spring. I'm letting it be “Two Minds.”

Cayley’s upcoming album “How Else Can I Tell You?” is expected later this year.

Connect with Cayley Thomas: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

Alt-Pop · Indie


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