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Armand Van Helden delivers disco's "Give Me Your Loving"

Just dropped the first new Duck Sauce tracks with A-track after a 6-year hiatus, Armand Van Helden did not take any break but continues serving us disco fantasy with a brand new release, "Give Me Your Loving," featuring Lorne.

The production radiates a kaleidoscope of dance-centric funk right from the start. Over the filtered loops and rhythmic drums, Lorne's soulful vocals roll in to encapsulate an overall hedonistic attitude. Working around an irresistible groove,  Van Helden delivers a euphoric retro boogie with a modern house sensibility. There's no doubt that "Give Me Your Loving" is bringing us back to Studio 54 at its prime time. 

With over 20 years’ on the scene, the Boston-born dance music beatmaker has released countless club tracks, old and new, that continue to leave their unmistakable mark on the music world. A selection of tracks which has seen in dominating the charts include "Witch Doktor,"  "You Don’t Know Me," dancefloor hit "My My My," bass mad "Bonkers" alongside UK grime artist Dizzie Rascal, and "I Need A Painkiller."

Listen/buy the record here.

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