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Sirens of Lesbos summons the jazzy side of "Zeus"

Swiss band Sirens of Lesbos is an amalgamation of backgrounds and influences. The band is made up of five members, most of whom come from different parts of the world after their families sought freedom or political asylum in Switzerland. With different cultures and tastes coming together, it’s no wonder the band’s music takes on many different forms and incorporates a variety of genres. Depending on which track you pick, Sirens of Lesbos can give you everything from pop to jazz to hip-hop. Their latest release “Zeus” is a chic and groovy tune inspired by Greek philosopher Plato and his ideas of soulmates or finding your other half.

“Zeus” boasts a funky and tribal vibe that sounds like bossa nova meets nu-disco. Driven by Afro-Latin percussion, a rich monotone bassline, and jazzy piano chords, the track has an inherent ability to get you bobbing along. Sirens of Lesbos accents their groove with layers of warm vocals, synths, and guitar licks, which work together to build a complete atmosphere of sunny, organic, and positive energy. Their contagious spirit will certainly brighten up your day. “Zeus” is set to release on the band’s imprint label, also named Sirens of Lesbos. Look for it to fully debut March 6th.

Connect with Sirens of Lesbos: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Afrobeat · Indie · Jazz · Nu-disco · Pop · Tribal


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