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Maison Ware will take over your 'Mind' with new captivating new EP

Welcome to the world of Maison Ware, where deviance runs rampant amongst progressive builds, and where caliginous hedonism melds effortlessly into searing bass—a wholly sinister aesthetic perpetuated by his various Japanese influences. Returning to mau5trap with new EP Mind, the producer's brooding sound still sees the authority of Tokyo's towering lights and dark back alleyways of the Shibuya district present, reflected by his choice curation of sound.

"Necessity," The producer shares of what inspires the sinister aesthetic of his project. "Everybody in electronic music is so fucking brand-conscious that they've sanded down all of their rough edges in an attempt to appeal to every breathing individual with a streaming subscription No artist should be for everyone, I'm just being proactive in discouraging any "casual" fans. Maison Ware is all or nothing."

An assiduously visceral journey deep into his core being, Mind fully encapsulates its disquieting origins with fleeting traces of soothing trust—inviting listeners into a dark reverie of enchantment. Titular track "Mind" is contemplative, and opens its doors to a secret unlike no other. Lined with sultry-sweet vocals that juxtapose the dark bassline with sophistication, Maison Ware illuminates a shadowy pathway with acidic twists and turns befitting of bass music. Following, "Satisfy" is tinged with brooding flairs of tech-house, utilizing another set of alluring vocals to hook us into its reverbs. Its substantial experimental nods in melding all the darker genres of music together serves to remind us yet again, Maison Ware's brilliance in capturing our attention with midtempo mastery.

In addition to his the release of Mind, Maison Ware recently scored the film Spree, which premiered at Sundance 2020. Starring Stranger Things' Joe Keery, Spree is a product of Drake's production company Forest Hill Entertainment.

Stream Mind here.


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