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NYNE dives deep into the "Champagne Life"

NYNE first burst on the scene a couple of years ago after perfecting her craft behind the boards and in front of the microphone to provide the vocal hook and inspiration for Sevn Thomas’ breakout single, "Can’t Sleep Alone."  The Melbourne-based act is now back in the field with "Champagne Life," a track that details the luxurious lifestyle filled with all the good things a young lady could only wish for. 

"Champagne Life" is the follow up to NYNE's Chiefs-produced debut single "Bad Trip." From the jump, she lets us know how deep into this lifestyle she is as she calmly sings, "...gold chain on my neck give me, Success I need excess/Make a good girl go bad..." over the sublime production provided by Harrison First. NYNE exudes an ominous vibe with her ethereal vocal performance and gloomy lyrics that shows a young lady entranced by the copious amount of wealth and accessibility to things she often dreamt about. She soaks in all the fun and surmises her situation with the lines, "...I’m way too high to come back down/No heaven can’t save me now..." Also joining her on the record is Gary, Indiana’s G-Scott, who reflects on the tough times and how all that changed once he tasted the "Champagne Life."

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