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Yousef's 'Super' EP gives us everything we want from house music

Liverpool's Yousef just dropped a three-track compilation Super, including a brand new title track and two re-works of his own collaboration with Erica Thompson back in 2017. These three tracks are a showcase of  house variations, hitting all the edges of this genre.

The title track "Super" is built around emotive piano chord-driven loops. Combining jaw-clenching tension from the rolling percussions with the sensual riffs in an emotional manner, it achieves the perfect yin and yang. The overall production is completely majestic, reminding the listeners of the ethos of inclusiveness rooted in house culture's roots. Following up, the two remake versions of "Pleasure Defined" are serving up the heaviest dose of acid possible. Atop the woozy, trippy loops, underlying acidic basslines and Thompson's ethereal topline clash and collide, elevating energy levels wherever it lands.

Taking influence from the early eras of dance music, this EP sees Yousef move into a new direction on his production for the upcoming decade. The punchy percussions, the acid lines, the soulful female vocals and the emotive melodies in the EP...these are all why we love house music.

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