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Olive Louise seeks to erase mental health shame in "Bad Things" [Video] 

New York native and electro-pop artist Olive Louise unveils the visuals for her single “Bad Things”.  With lush, electro soundscapes and soft stunning vocals, this spine-chilling track lulls listeners in. The song details the stigma surrounding mental health and the apparent flaws in the American health care system. Louise’s message to others is to stop feeling like you deserve to be overcome by self-doubt and negative thoughts.

Olive Louise grew up in Kings Point New York, living on the estate that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel The Great Gatsby.  Being surrounded by classical and Jazz music, she incorporated those traditional styles into her own blend of pop music.  From a young age the songwriter suffered from anxiety and continually became consumed by worry. With her parents passing in her teenage years, Louise became determined to not let her hardships define her. “Bad Things” is another way of expressing that, refusing to let her premonitions take over and become self-fulfilling prophecies. 

Check out the dark, quirky, fanciful visuals now.

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