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ALPHA 9 makes an astral return to Anjunabeats in "Dreams"

Arty makes his return to the esteemed progressive dance imprint Anjunabeats under his ALPHA 9 moniker with the release of a new single. Having shaped the alias to provide a home for his genre-defining progressive trance material, the multi-genre veteran returns to one of his long-time loyal labels by way of the release of "Dreams".  

“ALPHA 9 is coming back home; to a place where its music always belonged [Anjunabeats]. I’ve been waiting for this week to come for a very long time,” he says.

"Dreams" is a return to the effortlessly catchy riffs that made him such a beloved act, boasting bright melodies and authentic trance chord progressions that affirm his dedication to the sound he played in pioneering. Few artists share such a storied history with Anjunabeats than Artem Stolyarov. Redefining trance and progressive with a festival edge in the early 2000's, the likes of "Kate", "Rebound" (with Mat Zo) and "Hindsight" helped shape the sound of the genre. 

With Anjunabeats once again evolving as the label enters its' twentieth year, Russian born Artem Stolyarov comes home, reprising his ALPHA 9 alias with "Dreams".  The release is available today wherever you stream music on your platform of choice.

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