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Malia Civetz might already have the song of the summer with "Broke Boy" [Video]

Rising singer Malia Civetz is starting her 2020 in the best way possible: with an upbeat, infectious summery anthem titled "Broke Boy." She first made noise in 2017 with her single "Champagne Clouds," and has released just a few singles since then.  

Civetz confidence and positivity immediately shines through the first seconds of the "Broke Boy" video and the song. With a steady clap and deep piano notes, the instrumental guides the way for Malia's strong voice to carry the listener on an exciting journey. She sings with such charm that the listener can't help but smile; Civetz showcases the epitome of charisma. It's a catchy, soulful pop song that doesn't feel manufactured or overdone and isn't a tune to listen to at a quiet volume. "Broke Boy" demands the replay button and the loudest volume. The video's liveliness compliments the track's upbeat nature: it shows Malia and her friends enjoying themselves in an older convertible, proving that anyone can have fun with her lighthearted latest track. Check out the "Broke Boy" visuals up above. 


Connect with Malia Civetz: Twitter | SoundCloud | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube 

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