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étáin produces vivid imagery on new single "You're a Picture"

In one of the most harrowing yet beautiful releases of the year so far, étáin has truly announced her arrival on her new track "You're a Picture". 

étáin produces a vocal performance that grows deeper and more haunting as the track progresses. This beautiful record is a masterclass in vocal production and control. The heavy reverb that washes over the record envelops the listener as étáin skilfully pens another tragic song about love. The minimal production motifs that accompany the intelligently plucked acoustic guitar set the scene for what is a masterful painting by étáin. 

Her vivid wording and writing lure you in. You feel enveloped and still, as her masterful words wash over you. You try to catch the hidden meanings and double entendres on offer. It is a true sign of an artist sitting right in her pocket and exercising the one thing all great acts have; control. 

Following the release of her debut single earlier this year entitled "hazy", étáin has continued to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with in the Ireland indie scene. Having joined the Real Fear Records roster with the likes of Happyalone, it is proven that she is a master of her own fate in regards to her output. There is so much more to come from this starlet of the Emerald Isle so keep an eye out for her in the coming months. 

Connect with étáin: Facebook  | Instagram 

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