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Adam Melchor gives us more than just "30 Minutes" of enchanting music in new release

New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Adam Melchor releases his new enchanting song "30 minutes" from his new 6-track EP, Summer Camp. Shockingly, Melchor took just 3 days to write and record this entire EP.  With the soft beats coupled along the emotive lyrics, you are assuredly guaranteed to be moved by his music. 
Hearing a poem in song form instead of actually sitting down and reading one, Adam Melchor's graceful words are able to grab the attention of our hearts in the most beautiful way. Completely mesmerized by the possibility of being in his lover's presence, this artist intelligently chooses to give us "30 minutes" worth of heartwarming energy in just a little over a 3-minute song. By opening up his soul, Melchor beautifully serenades ours. In particular, the piano keys charmingly give us an intimate setting with him, allowing us to feel as if we are experiencing what he is feeling too. Close your eyes and listen to this song if you want to feel like you're in a daydream.
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