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Max Leone isn't "Cautious" with his new heavy-hitting single

L.A's newest pop candidate is a 20-year-old self-starter who, up until a few years ago, would keep his classical instrumental compositions and late-night self taught production sessions apart. That is, until he realized that the adage "better together" wasn't just an overused Instagram caption, it was wisdom with which he could find his sound. And today, Max Leone bears the fruit of that labour with his new single "Cautious". 

Flirty but poised, "Cautious" isn't as reserved with its lyrics as the title may suggest. There is subtlety, sure, but one listen is enough to understand that this is a song about isolation and exploration. Finding the right balance between time alone with your thoughts, shielded from the rest of the world, and conversely, venturing out into that world. The tell tale lyrics aren't the only ones contemplating this balance, either. The lilting acoustic guitar juxtaposed with the heavy bass production create a sacred space in which any note not in sync will surely topple it all down. Yet, it's an exhilarating experience. There is eager satisfaction in the way the hook flows so rapidly and cleanly. The carefully arranged bass gives you a jolt of energy when you most need it, without ever upsetting the melodious balance of the track. It's a true tribute to the art of composition, and a thrilling sign of things to come from this up-and-coming artist as he continues on his path of single releases toward a debut EP. 

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