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Tessa Dixson shares emotionally wrought visual for "Tender Me"

Rooted in alt-pop, Belgian artist Tessa Dixson masterfully weaves in ancillary elements from genres across the spectrum to consistently craft a colorful fusion of storytelling and soundscapes Each narrative, theme and mood in Dixson's 2019 EP Abyss was dutifully self-contained to each song and now, Tessa embarks on a new story, the symbolic Genesis, her debut album. With the space to explore a more expansive narrative, she triumphs on the first chapter, "Tender Me".

"Tender Me" is a nuanced and moody cut that explores the metaphor of a perfect relationship being, as she states in the press release, "Two flowers growing and learning together, giving each other water to thrive and flourish."

Dixson's enrapturing vocal introduces the sultry atmosphere, with the production maintaining a subtle tension throughout, masterfully closing with a groove that pulls you out of the deep introspection it builds. The accompanying visual embellishes the floral concept with hue-lit shots representing a metaphysical relationship and only continues to prove that her talents clearly extend her musical means.

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Alt-Pop · Alternative R&B · Dark Pop · Pop


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