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Isaac Aesili sets the stage for new LP with striking "Rain Gods / Player"

It’s about time Isaac Aesili got some more global recognition for his work. The Mãori musician and producer from New Zealand who now lives in Bangkok recently signed with the Brooklyn-based Bastard Jazz label and has released the first taste of his sophomore LP Hidden Truths with a Double A Side single entitled “Rain Gods / Player.” With contrasting styles, the two tracks showcase Aesili’s eclectic taste, with diverse influences converging for music that is magnificently original.

The first track “Rain Gods” is an atmospheric slow-burner that features Rachel Fraser on vocals. The energy of Aesili’s instrumentals stays in lockstep with Fraser’s delivery as they both gradually build throughout the track, going from a sparse, ambient aesthetic to the heavy, beat-driven climactic moments.

Aesili ups the ante on “Player” with a pulsing dance feel and tasteful tropical flavor. His wide-ranging skills show up on this track, too, as he delivers smooth vocals lines throughout along with prominent trumpet lines in the arrangement. The single shows that Aesili’s music has immense artistic value while still being able to rock a dance floor. With this promising Double A Side single, listeners should be excited for the forthcoming album from Isaac Aesili.

"Rain Gods / Player" is available to stream or download here. Hidden Truths is available to pre-order here.

Connect with Isaac Aesili: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Bandcamp | Spotify | Soundcloud


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