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Feast your eyes on Rejoicer's mesmerizing new video for "Lemons"

Not all songs deserve an accompanying video, but every once in a while music will come along that absolutely begs for it. Rejoicer is someone whose music, most recently on his latest album Spiritual Sleaze, is endlessly unique with poignant melodies and a palpable cinematic quality, making it ripe for visual treatment. It is fitting, then, that the Tel Aviv-based producer has delivered a spellbinding new video for the LP’s track “Lemons,” which features Jenny Penkin on vocals.

With direction from Rejoicer and Ben Kirschenbaum and art direction from longtime visual collaborator Jengo, the “Lemons” video features densely colorful, eye-popping scenes that juxtapose beautifully with the characters’ calm, meditative energy. In describing the creative process behind the project, Jengo states, “We tried to keep the moves simple and treat is as a sequence of breathing images, rather than go full action. I wanted to let the landscapes breathe slowly with the music…” The team certainly achieves that dream-like aesthetic with a stunning array of environments that feel simultaneously surreal and organic. With a track that evokes fantastic imagery in the listener’s mind from its music alone, the video for “Lemons” is a true feat for Rejoicer in its ability to elevate an already captivating song to new, unimagined heights.

Follow Rejoicer on tour this spring:

29 February - Tokyo, Japan - Circus Tokyo

1 March – Osaka, Japan – Conpass

26 March – Tel Aviv, Israel – 138 (with Teebs)

9 April - Halle, Germany - Pierre Grasse

11 April - Brussels, Belgium - Botanique

13 April - London, UK - Camden Assembly

15 April - Berlin, Germany - Gretchen

Spiritual Sleaze is out now on Stones Throw Records and is available to purchase here.

Connect with Rejoicer: Instagram | Bandcamp | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud

Photo credit: Eric Coleman


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