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Skinni and Raiza Biza explore "Life Again"

"Life again" is a collaboration between Rwandan NZ based rapper Raiza Biza and Melbourne based DJ/ Producer Skinni.  The song is one of many forthcoming collaborations between the duo and serves as the first to be released for public consumption. The track is built on the classic sample that hip-hop heads would immediately recognize and captures the pure essence of '90s rap laced with uplifting messages and engaging flows to match. Raiza Biza is at home on this one and takes time to reflect on life from his own perspective. He gives the listener an honest breakdown of his journey in the music space and beyond.

Skinni and Raiza Biza make for a perfect combination and with this song as a precursor, we can only expect more dope releases from them. Get the full project on ll DSPs here.

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