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Chicago post-punks Deeper address mental health complexities on "Lake Song" [Video]

A loss of life always leaves a hole in your existence. For Chicago post-punks Deeper, losing their close friend and former guitarist Mike Clawson took its toll on the band. Releasing the delicate single "Lake Song", the band delve into the process of self-healing and coming to terms with a loss.

Awash with delicate synth patterns and laced with post-punk intricacies, the track is stunningly sad. Evoking emotions through lyrics that wish for a physical pain to be present, something could be more easily fixed, "Lake Song" explores the complexities of understanding the lives of people living with mental health issues. 

Singer and guitarist Nic Gohl tells us: "We grow up learning and eventually intuiting how to take care of people who are physically hurt or sick. On the other hand, caring for those struggling with mental illness is a constant process of grappling to understand the complex nuances that then dictate the best care and approach. Lake Song is about supporting a loved one struggling with mental illness and wishing the pain they experience was easier to cure, like a head cold or broken bone. The chorus, “I just want you to feel sick” is the manifestation of this desire."

There's something incredibly thought-provoking with this track, whether it's the raw emotion shown through Gohl's vocals or the melancholy beats that appear to be quite soothing. If you listen to this and don't shed a tear or two then there is no hope for humanity. 

Deeper's sophomore album Auto-Pain is out March 27th. It's an album about healing and learning how to continue with the loss of a significant person in your life. It's an incredible body of work and something everyone should be admiring. 

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