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Talk Show produce exemplar punk on bulshy single "Stress"

With so much decent punk / post-punk tunes dropping lately it's hard to keep up with who's doing what and how they're doing it differently. Yet, Londoners Talk Show are simply one of the frontrunners in the scene right now. Since dropping the single "Banshee", the four-piece are back with the incredible "Stress".

With unforgettable vocals - you'll be attempting to imitate it in a mirror somewhere, I promise you - "Stress" is another example of top-notch punk from the band who, can I remind you, only began making mainstream waves last year. Mixed with intricate guitar lines and beefy bass riffs, the track exhibits the best of the modern punk genre. 

Frontman Harrison Swann explains: "When writing ‘Stress’ it instantly felt like a song with a lot of heart and a larger than life attitude. It’s a song about modern love with its emotions and lyrics, worn proudly on its sleeves. Instantly it felt natural to play ‘Stress’ as large and as loud as we possibly could. Musically we wanted to compliment the forthright nature of the lyrics with a grandiose rhythm section. We tried to juxtapose the negative connotations of the song’s title, with music that was bold and had a lot of attitude, not something that was insular or timid. The first time we ever played that song, I remember it feeling like it had a life of it’s own, it really wanted to burst out of the basement we were in.​"

Play this loud and proud and make your neighbors hate you. It's utterly worth it. Talk Show's debut EP These People is released March 27th on Council Records.


17th - Nice 'N' Sleazy, Glasgow 
18th - YES, Manchester
20th - Bodega Social Club, Nottingham
22th - The Crofters Rights, Bristol
23th - Lafayette, London 
24th - The Green Door Store, Brighton

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[…] the EP with second single "Stress", the band introduce the listener to a glossy, bass-heavy track that captures the heart of the […]