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Jet Black Alley Cat "Rewind" to the '80s in this new alt-rock track

Nashville-based five-piece Jet Black Alley Cat is championing the modern aperture of an '80s-inspired sound, with new single "Rewind." Whether you experienced it or not, there's naturally something nostalgic about the neon-tinged sounds that have osmosed into songs since that iconic decade.

It's not merely nostalgia for nostalgia's sake with the band elucidating in the press release, "Vulnerability reigns in this track as it forces us each to face nostalgia vs reality head-on.” 

Previous single "Fight XVIII" saw them take a slight departure from their synth-led bops for a biting rock sound, but the latest single "Rewind" proves their sound has copious breadth. Dialing up their scope, the chorus sees them reach stadium-levels of grandiosity, with the indelible vocal melody firmly rooting itself in the back of your mind. Laced with contemporary indie-pop and alt-rock trappings, this latest single is sure to get the attention of major radio play this year. 

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Alternative Rock · Indie · Indie Pop


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