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Orlando shares the honeyed debut EP "Nike's and Dandelions"

Whether you like him or not, it's hard to deny Tyler, the Creator's impact on the music industry, with each conceptual album inspiring artists the world over to create in all manner of directions. The aesthetics of 2017's Flower Boy made it cool to be colourful and encouraged emotions across the board. Heavily inspired by this project, as well as the incorporation of and at-the-time burgeoning Rex Orange County, London-based singer-songwriter and producer Orlando finds his musical feet and explores his own narrative.

R&B melodies are syphoned through a stream-of-consciousness style vocal, suitably laid over lo-fi bedroom pop production for an exceptional introduction on debut Nike's and Dandelions. Sitting at a mere ten minutes in length, it scratches a certain musical itch but leaves you with a lingering sense of wanting more; despite the range contained throughout the EP. Let's hope there's more in store soon from this talented 19-year-old.

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Indie · Indie Pop


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