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HONEYMOAN's "Weirdo" EP is a solid droplet of indie gold

Cape Town favourites HONEYMOAN share their four-track EP Weirdo, a collection of wacky tracks that make them one of the most exciting artists to come out of South Africa.

Immediately catapulting into the band's indie frenzy, the lead glittering indie single "Still Here" is underlined with snazzy guitar lines and bass hooks. With almost futuristic elements, the track is sonically captivating, introducing what the rest of the EP has in store. The EP's title track "Weirdo" is about a girl falling in love with a girl who already has a boyfriend. Complex, yet combined with a super addictive bass riff, the track is a groovy pop single with evocative lyrics.

Whilst latest single "Too Much" draws on psychedelic influences and acts as a power anthem, it's "Fidelio" which is the real highlight. Addressing owning your own sexuality in a world which commodifies women's sexuality, it's melancholic undertones layered with Alison Rachel's harmonious vocals makes the single a lustrous track. Purely stunning.

Combining a number of genres to perfect their unique sound, HONEYMOAN are a band unafraid to vocalise unconventional pop topics in their music - this is quite simply one of the many reasons why they're so effortlessly brilliant. Weirdo is an EP that should be listened to all day everyday, its infectious & an exploration into pushing the boundaries of genre. It's a yes from me.

Weirdo is out now via Communion Records.

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