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HONEYMOAN play it cool on new single "Weirdo"

Coined in 1975 by feminist academic Laura Mulvey, the 'male gaze' is strife throughout society and pop culture. However, Cape Town's finest four-piece HONEYMOAN embrace the 'female gaze' with the intimate single "Weirdo"- a compelling track littered with unique jangles and indie-psych sensibilities.

"Weirdo" is a groovy, emotive single from the four-piece that draws inspiration from classic hip-hop and alternative R&B. Each guitar lick is textured with a kaleidoscope of groovy sounds and swaddles its listener in a warm haze. Plus, that incredible bass line hanging low throughout the chorus leaves you subtly mesmerized from start to finish.

Using both delicate and emotive lyrics around the first sighting of a girl and her boyfriend, vocalist Alison Rachel sings "do I dare hope for you to just leave him", expressing the unfairness of falling for a girl already in a relationship with the opposite sex. Alison tells us more: "'Weirdo' is about a girl harboring feelings for a girl who is dating a boy. It narrates the tale of an intense and unwavering gaze, an almost desperate secret love letter on the brink of being disclosed." 

"Weirdo" is taken from the band's forthcoming EP of the same name. Recently signed to Communion Records, HONEYMOAN's second EP is out February 21.

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Alternative Rock · Pop


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