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Maddie Jay excels on tongue-in-cheek "The Peanut Butter Song"

In such a crowded musical universe, artists often fall into the trap of occupying their niche and sticking to it. It's an interesting quandary, as trying something new can potentially alienate current fans in hopes of finding a wider audience. No artist should be defined by one characteristic, and burgeoning newcomer Maddie Jay gives herself the space to experiment with her own sound by marrying all the genres that inspire her into one salubrious mix. Elements of dream-pop collide masterfully with lo-fi hip hop, and 60's pop stylings unite with surf-rock tones to name but a few; it's clear that Maddie is the sum of her influences and far from defined by any singular one.

With its tongue-in-cheek titular metaphor, "The Peanut Butter Song" is an ode to the toxic relationships Maddie Jay has had in her life. In a press release issued for the track, she noted, "People fall prey to health trends and healthy-looking packaging, but in reality what they are eating is PACKED with sugar and is so bad for you. I like finding silly ways to talk about serious things." With a handful of singles thus far to her name, this is a period in which artists often explore the possibilities of their sound and yet, Maddie seems to be confidently content with the space that she's created for herself. Her lackadaisical and cool-as-anything delivery is the perfect pairing to her hazy pop music, and all we can do now is wait to see what's next.

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Dreampop · Pop · Surf Pop


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