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AIR APPARENT's new single "three strikes" with DAVVN is a glimmering pop anthem

Rising electronic producer AIR APPARENT has just bounced back with a collaborative single "three strikes" featuring indie pair DAVVN.  The track is a great pairing of two up and coming acts that make the art of setting personal boundaries feel rich and empowering. A strong follow up to AIR APPARENT's twenty-four minute EP Color Dreams from last year, "three strikes" shows confidence and comfort in making catchy electronic pop music, an ability that will surely prove valuable in today's musical landscape.

"three strikes" takes a traditional relationship metaphor and applies it to a modern electronic context in a fun track with solid production. The lush sonic landscape brings a positive spin to separation and heartbreak while the nice vocals from DAVVN show pride and resilience. The track details the continual "bad habit of giving boys chances" and the eventual realization that they need to be cut off. Although initially appearing to be crooning and longing, the track reads more as an anthem of self-love and independence. The ultimatum "three strikes and you're off my mind" isn't as much a threat or a fear as it is a matter of fact statement of healthy distance. These powerful words of strength are met excellently with the dreamy pop production that's full of bright synths and hard-hitting drums. With every pretty sonic spark from the production, we can feel new doors opening and opportunities arising.

This new track is a potent fusion of sounds from two unique musical forces that bring their own themes of individuality to the table. Even with thematic strength aside, this track is an effective application of a very engaging brand of pop music that can turn out to be lasting if continued correctly. Keep an eye out for AIR APPARENT's hot production as well as whichever rising star he links up with next.

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