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Producer-rapper duo Citizen Black & Odd Numbers "Keep Cool" on new track

Off-Key Collective have been bubbling up in Ireland with a packed roster featuring the likes of Sea High, F.O.B and KeyLow. One of the group's most recent additions, Citizen Black has teamed up with in-house producer Odd Numbers to deliver a brand new single "Keep Cool". 

Native of the famous Ballymun flats in Dublin, Citizen was raised on the likes of Fela Kuti and Horslips. Having spent the last two decades keeping his talent to himself, the first generation AfroCelt has broken out as one of the ones to watch in the Irish hip-hop scene.

While the recently released "Metal" was more of a proving ground for Citizen, this new track "Keep Cool", sees Citizen Black showcase both his impeccable wordplay and raucous flow. The clunky, old school beat is the perfect playground for Black to tell us his history and what has shaped who he is. His laid-back style is extremely catchy. This is accompanied by an amazing hook from west coast vocalist Kizmet. The production from Odd Numbers adds extreme layers to this record, without overcrowding the scene Citizen is trying to paint. 

2020 is set to be a big year for not only Citizen Black, but everyone at Off Key Collective. Projects are due from the majority of the acts on their roster. Citizen Black is set to lead the way and with his work, and we're extremely excited to see what happens with him and the rest of the roster in the next year.   

Connect with Citizen Black: Facebook | TwitterInstagram

Jazz Hop · Raw-Hop · Trip-Hop


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