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Squire acquires 'Rebel Wisdom' in new Get Physical release

The ability to embody edged maturity, whilst distributing electronica into sophisticated and coalescent nodules of transcendence is no easy feat. Yet, Spanish producer Squire has wholly perfected it, delivering it in the form of Get Physical's newest addition to their roster of music: Rebel Wisdom.

"Inner World" is tastefully mature, a sublime seven-minute opus that sets the narrative for Rebel Wisdom's surrealistic flairs. Cinematic in its synths and effects and devoid of nonsense, Squire offers a track that's grounded and assured, inexplicably giving listeners unending reasons to stay for the whole journey. The second part to the EP, "Indicus", is equally as atmospheric as its predecessor, injecting more Middle Eastern influences with its haunting vocals and brilliant chords. It's a brightly swathed track laden with passion—a true testament to Squire's production abilities.

Brought up on jazz before getting into house sounds, Squire has always kept his grooves deep and emotive. He has had releases on varying labels including Kindisch, Do Not Sit On The Furniture and My Favorite Robot Records—amongst many more. This has taken him to clubs around Europe and even Burning Man, Space Ibiza and BPM Festival.

Buy/stream Rebel Wisdom here.

Connect with Squire: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Dance · Electronica · House


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