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Reva DeVito’s “Bet You Stay” is a sensual, late-night groove

Portland-based singer-songwriter Reva DeVito creates music to be listened to by the warmth of a crackling fire. Infused with smooth R&B melodies and gentle glimmers of soft electronics, “Bet You Stay” is a sultry, late-night romance.

Having worked with industry giants including Kaytranada, Young Franco and Miami Horror, DeVito’s solo project allows the talented artist to take center stage. Imbuing each release with a deeply personal narrative, her music is a cathartic release - bringing diary entries and scattered notes to life.  

“This year and most of last were extremely transformational years of my life” Devito candidly reveals. “For the songs on this upcoming record, I drew a lot from the loss that I experienced contributing to major growing pains. It's not easy to let parts of yourself die and to step into your power, so I am grateful I had this project to channel some of that energy into.”

Produced by longtime collaborator B.Bravo, the rolling drum beat and hazy rhythms conjure a warm, sonic haven for the listener to bask in. It’s a warm, welcome reprieve in these cold winter months.

“Bet You Stay” is out now, with her debut album out early next year on Ultra.


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