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Ruben Dawnson excels on the resilient "FYALMA"

It's been a banner few years for bedroom pop, ushering in a new wave of artists championing the sound and pushing it in all manner of exciting directions. The lo-fi and DIY aesthetic, coupled with often honest lyrical direction, is clearly resonating with people the world over due to how down-to-earth and relatable it can be. Norwegian artist Ruben Dawnson boldly steps into the fray in 2020 with the simultaneously vulnerable and anthemic "FYALMA".

Leaving the acronyms meaning to Dawnson, the song is a clear middle finger to his anxious brain and anxiety in general. It's important for artists with a platform to normalise taboos such as mental health by sharing their aperture, and "FYALMA" delivers with remarkable tenderness, with a hint of punk-laced confrontation to boot. Speaking to the song in the press release, Dawnson states, "I know it won’t solve any deep issues people might have, but hopefully it can make someone feel less lonely", a touching sentiment indeed. Expect this and a whole lot more from him this year.

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