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R.Kitt's "Ripples From the Edge" is subtle dance music at its finest

Dublin producer R.Kitt’s latest release, Ripples From the Edge, is dreamy yet danceable music if ever there was any. Anyone who saw Ben UFO mix “I Wish You Hadn’t Said” into Special Request’s “Vortex 150” at London’s Junction 2 festival last year can vouch for that. Releases via Night Tide, Ripples From the Edge offers “beauty in sounds that speak to the dance floor”.

Now, eight months on, R.Kitt has released the track we’ve all been waiting for, along with a further four equally stunning tracks.  From the glistening title track, “Ripples From the Edge” to the darker-edged “Machine Damhsa”, Kitt’s latest release leaves no stone unturned. On one end of the spectrum comes “Strange Perspective”, a track that invokes a sense of nostalgia within the listener. It’s thoughtful music that is perfect to unwind to. “Stitch Up”, on the other hand, combines distorted vocals with subtle breaks to make up one of the most exciting tracks on the list. It’s a prime example of a track which is entirely understated in its sound, whilst also possessing the capability of melting dancefloors - if the time is right. Tracks that are equally as mesmerising on and off the dance floor aren’t particularly easy to come by, but this is certainly one of them.

“Machine Damhsa” provides a near-perfect crossover of the two tracks mentioned prior. With winding build-ups slowly crescendoing into energetic and simply charming beats, it’s a track which is ideal for almost any occasion. The title track, “Ripples From the Edge” is closer to the “Strange Perspective” side of things. It causes a similar sense of nostalgia, except possibly amplified even more. The sort of music that reminds you of sunnier days, somewhere green, with your favourite people. With the release containing both R.Kitt’s original and an Eluize remix, this is a track you won’t be able to get enough of.

One of the most memorable tracks - not just from this release, but in recent times - comes in the form of “I Wish You Hadn’t Said”. There’s a reason people were still seeking it out eight months after hearing it at a festival. Although beginning with a darker tone, the track unwinds into delightful melodies and barely-there breaks, which all come together to make it a certified dancefloor hit.

Ripples From the Edge is available to stream via Spotify and purchase via Boomkat.

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