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Great News get their message across in "Greedy Little Thing"

Great News take an honest look around in their latest single “Greedy Little Thing”. The new track comes alongside the announcement of their sophomore LP Now and Them, slated for an April 17 release.

The Norwegian trio is comprised of Even Kjelby, Ole Kristian Einarsen and Lars Henrik Stoud Platou. Creating alt-rock sounds with an era of decades past, they’ve modernized it with a mix of surf-rock and psych-pop that more than works.

"It's a song that came along very quickly, it sort of wrote itself. It's about how we consume too much and how we measure happiness through materialism. It's just wrong," the band shared in a recent press release. 

Great News wrote a protest song for the digital age—smashing cell phones instead of picketing and casting a blue light on this generation’s obsession with comparing ourselves to others. "I don’t believe in your sadness / Because you think you have less than everyone else / To me you look fine / Nothing is enough for you, greedy little thing.”

There’s no hidden meaning in this track. Even with no lines to read between or feelings to interpret, Great News’ gives us all a lot to think about.

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Indie · Psych-rock · Surf Pop


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