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Big Havi's "Personal Problems EP is an impressive trap effort

Rising Atlanta lyricist Big Havi just dropped his debut EP Personal Problems, a strong display of smooth trap bangers. The project has come on the heals of his viral hit single "9 Times Out of 10" featuring mentor and advocate Lil Baby. Clocking in at just twenty minutes in length, this first swing at a commercial studio project is surely a success for the young rapper. It shows compelling fluency in the growing trap genre along with  some unique vocal techniques, bold personality, and effective lyrics. In a very unforgiving and fast moving musical context, Havi proves he can go toe to toe with the best of his rap contemporaries and likely stick around too.

Early critics of Big Havi will dismiss him as yet another generic trap artist inspired by the likes of Young Thug, but a closer look at the nuances of his vocal delivery and charisma will show different. Havi has an extremely keen sense of how to sit in the pocket of his beats and how to craft catchy melodic cadences. He shows quality flow and stamina throughout the twenty minute tape, but the best examples of his ability to ride the beat are on "808," "Narcotix," and the title track. These high points show excellent unity of rapper and producer in which the finished product feels like it was composed as one idea rather than merely lyrics placed over a beat.

Havi's voice is also nicely versatile; he can rap like he means business and sing like he believes in himself. Moreover, this undeniable vocal proficiency allows Havi to bring compelling tracks in multiple trap contexts. A multi faceted trap EP, Personal Problems brings proud flexes, club croons, and late night cruises alike. It is a promising start for Big Havi, an artist that is looking at an exciting career in music if he can keep up this intelligent understanding of the genre.

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