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Evolving, Savage Ga$p releases single "i hope ur doing well"

The first single released from his upcoming album, Savage Ga$p’s “i hope ur doing well” is an honest, poetic delivery of sentiments that distinctly parallel his character. Relinquishing his staple rap vocals for a touching melody, the song proves we haven’t seen the full extent of Ga$p’s genre-bending potential.

Despite quickly gaining popularity for his hit that topped viral charts, the artist we hear in “i hope ur doing well” is as authentic as he was before the TikTok fame. “If you know me to make catchy growl-rap for the eBoys on TikTok, please find your seats,” Savage Ga$p says in an email to EARMILK. “Act II is about to begin.”

Savage Ga$p’s relentless positivity, exhibited in his touching and undeniably mature delivery, is the cornerstone of the natural stardom of the self-proclaimed "pumpkin king." Gaspare’s sanguine recount of his lost love strikes an inspiringly confident balance between heartbreak and placidity. Produced by Colliding With Mars and anchored by Gaspare’s own ukulele strums, the effervescent instrumental is both distinct and alluring against his previous content and collaborations.

Well on his way to proving he’s capable of pushing his talent beyond its current bounds, listeners can anticipate his debut album, releasing on Crowned Records, to reach depths we haven’t heard from him before. Follow Savage Ga$p to catch his upcoming album along with an accompanying music video later this month.

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