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Aloud rolls a homage of rich affection on "Loving U's a Beautiful Thing"

There’s a lot to unpack on the latest single from Los Angeles-based band Aloud. Spearheaded originally by Henry Beguiristain and Jen de la Osa, and solidified by bassist Charles Murphy and drummer Chris Jago, Aloud aptly live up to their name. The first single “Loving U’s a Beautiful Thing,” taken from the upcoming album Sprezzatura set for release May 8, pushes the band in a seasoned, yet new territory as a unit. Bubbling with sexual tension and desire, the track is a rolling homage of affection, rich in its production and consciousness. With musical footings in familiar places, the new single very well suggests a more grounded take as they shed their past adopted home of Boston and mature in their own sound.

Throughout a slew of singles and EP’s the overall consensus of the band has been simply that they rock, theoretically and in reference to all memes which feature dogs winking. The dusted sounds of blues, rock and pop have been brushed throughout their time in Los Angeles, but the magnetism hasn’t been as strong since this new release. It’s almost as if they bottled up live performances onto the bed of the single, peaking with time’s magic. Better praised as the type of drop you expect from a cut from Paul McCartney and Wings.

The range and magnitude of the track comes to its feet by the continuous jolt of brass horns by Alanah Ntzouras and Vanessa Acosta, and the insanely gripping vocals by de la Osa. She hangs tight to each note, opening the walls of the soul-influenced soundscape like a dream in harmony with the saturated reverb. De la Osa belts them out in a celebratory manner, passionately requesting throughout her open love letter (“Let me hear you talking in tongues”). A tinge of funk baptizes de la Osa’s range to a pool of melody on the sustained hook and wraps a listener in a repetitive frenzy of elation.

From what comes off their newest album in six years, “Loving U’s a Beautiful Thing” presses beyond a person and quite possibly for the band’s own labor of love. “It was a long, sometimes dispiriting, but ultimately incredible road to get to this point,” writes the band in a Facebook post. And if this is all documenting the road less traveled, there couldn’t be a better anthem to sing along with -- to and for whatever we all love.

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[…] the single "Loving U's a Beautiful Thing," it was very clear that Aloud's direction would exemplify a very freeing, and of course, loud […]