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My Sister, My Brother "Don't Know How To Love You" and that's OK [Video]

One of the most potent skills a musician can have is songwriting. For the newly formed group My Sister, My Brother, it's a skill overflowing in abundance. Comprised of three well-established names—Sean McConnell, Garrison Starr, and Peter Groenwaldthis talented trio creates music that doesn't just sing to you, it speaks for you. Their newest (and only second) single, "Don't Know How To Love You", is a vulnerable piece that can strike though the most calloused of hearts. Especially when performed quietly and honestly, such as in their latest video, which premieres here today. 

Shot at the progressive Home Church in Nashville, the video does away with a passionate storyline or fast-moving visuals. Instead, it hones in on what makes MSMB so compelling in the first place—their songwriting. By filming a live, acoustic rendition of the song, each word grows in strength, worming its way through your ears before finding a warm spot to nestle in. Starr's resounding vocals empower the titular chorus, folding in like waves above the calm sea of piano chords and guitar strums. It's a humble yet forceful performance and a sure sign of what we can expect from the trio as they go on tour this winter in support of their self-titled debut EP release on March 6th. 

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