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Kriptik and Skatta share their aspirations on "Try"

Nottingham’s very own Kriptik has linked up with Coventry's Skatta for the aspirational grime banger "Try." The DJ K Dubz-produced record has a vintage, cinematic grime sound reminiscent of the early years combined with the contemporary styles the duo brings to the table and, more importantly, the hopeful message about sticking to your guns regardless of the many obstacles you might encounter. 

Kriptik sets the tone with a proclamation at the start showcasing the mindset of a winner and go-getter which he says is inspired by his early boxing career. Skatta follows up and echoes the same sentiments with a focus on keeping a stringent work ethic in order to succeed. The video from Track Road Entertainment keeps it simple while trimming the fat with crystal clear transitions and sharp editing, zooming in on the duo as they perform their scenes. The classic grime vibe is achieved here as well with the dark shots evoking the early days of the genre. “Try” will appear on Skatta’s forthcoming EP Fight Night Flows, which features artists and producers such as Tarju Le'Sano, PRKR (BKS), Juberlee and Breaks.

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