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Jon Vinyl's "Moments" is a tender wish for love without limits

Love can sometimes feel like the suspension of a trust fall: a game of putting fears aside and letting it all collapse into the arms of another. Jon Vinyl’s “Moments” is an invitation to love without holding back. It’s Vinyl’s no-catch ask for his love interest to lay her burdens down and face the world with him together. 

“Moments” conveys Vinyl's genuine desire of wanting the best for someone, but her inhibition lies in the way. He pleads his case, and in the smoothest of fashions, tries to break the ice between him and his crush with those distinctive honey-sweet vocals over the bubbly riff of an electric guitar. The result is a beautiful sentiment of surrender.  

Stream "Moments" above and listen to Jon's debut EP, Dangerous, here.

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Minimal RnB · R&B


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