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Alt-popper Soleima graces us with new single "Roses" [Video]

There's clearly something in the water in Denmark that makes their alt-pop so infectious. This time it's the latest release from Soleima. With one of the most distinctive voices in Denmark, Soleima continues to birth some of the most exciting alt-pop tunes. 

Mixing a subtle R&B groove with sultry, alt-pop undercurrents, "Roses" is a moment of pure sonic bliss. Despite her almost child-like vocals, there's an interesting bold swagger present that is truly captivating. Refusing to feel bad about a breakup, Soleima sings the sassy "So what the fuck did you think that you could do? Change me? Really?” Enhanced with a futuristic electro beat, the single quite simply says: boy bye. And it's this powerful stance that makes the track so effortlessly cool.

"Roses" is the first teaser of Soleima's forthcoming debut album released this March via Atlantic Records. Soleima is currently on tour with Electric Guest.

Connect with Soleima: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook 



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