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Global collective Her Songs return with tender new single "If We Try"

Contrary to some current trends, oftentimes patience and vulnerability can lead to the most profound experiences in life and relationships. This powerful sentiment is at the core of the new single “If We Try” from the international collective Her Songs. The five-piece group of Emmavie, Dani Murica, Emily C. Browning, Marie Dahlstrøm, and The Naked Eye is back with their first release since their Los Angeles EP in 2018 and the gorgeous new track is the first offering of the forthcoming EP Toronto, Vol. 1, named after the city where the music was recorded in the summer of 2019.

Written by Dahlstrøm and Emmavie, “If We Try” features music akin to its lyrical themes, with a subtle yet soulful approach and a delectable emphasis on nuance. Each of the group members make their presence felt on the track, through the soothing beats, buttery chords, and perhaps most strikingly through the heavenly vocal harmonies throughout. In a world of increasingly instant gratification, “If We Try” offers us a heartfelt reminder that especially in matters of love, a little time and effort can make all the difference.

Connect with Her Songs: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Website | Spotify | Soundcloud

Feature · R&B · Soul


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