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Rizo loses the lady and wants a “Hit of You” [Video Premiere]

Chanteuse, siren, provocateur, a larger-than-life being are all readily used to describe the Oregon-bred, NYC-based artist Rizo. To those that have seen her perform live, she is a superstar. For those that have not yet had the pleasure, you are missing out on a life altering adventure.

The Grammy-winning artist has made quite a name for herself over the years with her humor-filled, transformative shows that flip nightclub-pop on its head. Rizo has collaborated with artists such as Moby, Reggie Watts, and Yo-Yo Ma. Formerly known as Lady Rizo, the baptized in glitter star recently decided to ditch the "lady". To mark the occasion, Rizo has a brand new show she will be touring in February titled “Losing the Lady”. As you’ve probably guessed, it touches on her name change. Let’s just say it will have you walking away sore from laughter with a renewed sense of empowerment and faith in yourself. As if the fresh moniker and show were not enough, Rizo is also back to present a premiere of her music video for “Hit of You”.


“Hit of You” was the first single and opening track on Rizo’s 2017 album Indigo, which was recorded at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis, TN. Described as a song “that feels like falling down a rabbit hole,” “Hit of You” is about the euphoric feeling you relate to your best lover. As Rizo embarks on this new chapter without the Lady and a West Coast tour, the release of the visual for “Hit of You” seems extremely timely.

As the video begins, we see Rizo laying with feathers falling around her. Then, she appears wearing a gown that ultimately comes to life as the bottom half—made from the same feathers we see falling around Rizo—begins to move. As you pass the one minute mark, it’s all about the skin. Rizo ditches the feathered gown for her birthday suit and an abundance of hands. Without giving away the entire video, you can’t help but get the feeling that this is a visual representation of Rizo’s rebirth.

The video truly showcases Rizo’s theatrical/performance art approach that can be seen when you catch her live. Having recently watched Rizo’s new show “Losing the Lady” in person during her four night run at Joe’s Pub (The Public Theatre, NYC) earlier this month, it’s easy to see performance art courses through her veins. By blending comedy and music while weaving a story of self love, Rizo delivers a cathartic experience in each show. With her well toned larynx and famously precise rhythm she belts out songs adopting the music of Prince, Bowie, and her own original work; peeling back the layers of her alter-ego. From her wardrobe transformations that take place right in front of your eyes, to how she makes an audience member a part of the show in the most out of the box way, Rizo has truly created a show unlike any other you’ll ever witness. Both warming your soul while forcing you to direct a magnifying glass onto your own ego, turn your head into mama Rizo’s bosom for a healthy dose of booby glitter, you’re gonna need it.

Yes, she’s lost the lady; but it’s safe to say Rizo’s more sure of herself than ever. Watch her new video for “Hit of You”, and find out how you can catch Rizo live next month on the West Coast by visiting http://rizo.love.

Connect with Rizo: Instagram | Facebook | Website

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