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TV People share the biting "Kitchen Sinking" [Exclusive Audio]

Whether you realize it or not, the punk, and more specifically post-punk revival is becoming more formidable by the day. Dublin-based quartet TV People will soon lead the pack with compelling and effortless ease. There's a pleasantly familiar sensation from their sound that comes from sourcing inspiration from early to mid-00s alternative and garage rock, and in the case of latest single "Kitchen Sinking", they syphon it through post-punk's unmistakable gloomy lens to deliver the song's lyrical weight perfectly.

Frontman Paul Donohoe's pained croons come across like those of person embroiled in a toxic relationship, but scratch that surface to find a larger-than-life metaphorical mire on how society views itself. In the press release, Donohoe details "Kitchen Sinking"'s motivation, stating that it addresses "the extremist nature of disagreement in the world at the moment and the inability for people with different views to find common ground or mutual understanding." TV People execute punk's confrontational nature with aplomb, and in an indelible manner to boot.

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