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Johan Lenox Drops Acoustic Strings Visual to “No One Wants to Dance Anymore” with Yung Pinch

Johan Lenox is a classically trained musician from Boston who has a masters in composition from Yale School Music and studied with Pulitzer Prize-winning composers David  Lang, Martin Bresnick and Ingram Marshall. Lenox has earned his stripes and is very well respected in the music industry. He has collaborated with so many artists from Kanye West, Travis, Scott Teyana Taylor, Sabrina Claudio, Lil Nas X and many more.

“everybody’s cool but me” was Lenox’s last project that he dropped in 2019. From the boldly striking title alone, it's safe to say that Lenox is an artist who isn’t afraid to make a statement and be himself. 

From composing, to producing and songwriting - Lenox is an all-around creative who is melodically vulnerable and relatable. From Lenox's exciting visuals to his distinct sound, there’s so much that Lenox's fans await in 2020. 

“No one wants to dance anymore” is a track that explores this notion that people nowadays seem to not want to have as much fun. As life takes people in different directions, ‘fun’ is redefined and people sometimes succumb to loneliness. Lenox and Yung Pinch take the laid-back track and give it a twist with the live acoustic instrumentation. Both Lenox and Yung Pinch’s voices so smoothly merge with the live acoustics. 

The visual has Lenox and Pinch performing in an intimate studio setting as they’re surrounded by the different instruments. This performance is a unique interpretation of the track and it gives the audience a different experience and understanding to the music. It gives both Lenox and Pinch the opportunity to showcase their emotional connection to the song as the production is stripped and the focus is on their expression and honest lyricism.

Connect with Johan Lenox: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify



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