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LOVA is "Jealous Of My Friends" but it's all good

LOVA makes indie-pop perfection: she’s like your smart best friend that knows everything you’re going through. Her new song “Jealous Of My Friends” is definitely her most vulnerable yet. 

LOVA isn’t one to turn to love as inspiration that often, in fact, she’s been avoiding it. She’s touched on men harassing her to smile, toxic masculinity, and simply being a badass, but love has been a delicate issue. In “Jealous Of My Friends” she finds a fresh perspective on a subject that can seem cliche. 

In a press release she comments, “I’ve tricked myself into thinking that I’m better off without it—mostly because of fear. I think it’s fear of depending on someone and them depending on me, knowing that I can lose it at any second.” You can feel that realization in her voice. For an artist that’s always been strong in her independence, it’s so refreshing to see her lean into that slight feeling of loneliness and missing out. 

At its core, the song is about that feeling when you see your friends having that perfect relationship and you can’t help seeing them so happy and maybe you can’t admit it at first, but you want the same thing for yourself. She explains, “I was jealous that they dared to get out there and give love a chance when I couldn’t. I still don’t know if I’m there yet, but writing about it is definitely a step in the right direction. I hope that this year can be the year when I give a part of me to someone else.”

LOVA is one of Sweden's hottest pop exports, her latest EP "A Gentleman's Guide" showed off her knack for pop with a purpose. Sweden's biggest radio station named her breakthrough single,“You Me and The Silence” as its “most played song of the year by a Swedish artist” as cumulative streams totaled over 4 million and counting. At this point, she seems destined for greatness. 

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