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Djedjotronic illuminates the brilliance of his twisted electro in 'Boish'

French producer Djedjotronic returns with EP Boish, delivering more of his raw brilliance on Boysnoize Records.

A master of dark and uncompromising grooves, Djedjotronic presents a new palette of despotic sounds to be explored Boish, one that clearly materializes in titular track "Boish"—a track that commands attention in a sweeping show of twisted electro tendencies. Riddled with heavy-hitting drums and coarse synth textures, the producer sees to an excruciatingly haunting sonic experience that echoes brilliantly in the deepest recesses of your mind.

Following, "Global Surveillance" quickens its pace for a slick progression, robust kick drums powering along the crisp patterns of the analogue percussion. Emphasizing its namesake, alienating synths are interspersed throughout, adding a brilliant sense of tension to an already teeming production of enigma. Finally, Djedjotronic wraps up Boish with "Rusted". With its corrugated bass and jittery metallic hits, it's no wonder the sounds of a ruined warehouse immediately comes to mind—summoning a future in which humankind has left behind a legacy of dance music.


Connect with Djedjotronic: SoundCloud | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Bass · Dance · Electro


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