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Huron John presents a vibrant new single, "Maple Syrup Tears"

The musical stylings of Chicago-based production and songwriting wunderkind Huron John can best be described as a nostalgic fever dream, that transports listeners to the most idyllic summer of their youth. Huron has openly cited that his main influences are early 90's and 2000's cartoons, vintage video-game soundtracks, and suburban dread tinged with DMT-level psychedelia. Since last year John has been teasing the release of his highly anticipated full length project, Apocalypse WOW, and today the 20-year old day-tripper has finally released the first single off of the project, a vaporous indie ballad named "Maple Syrup Tears".

The single showcases John's knack for earnest & relatable songwriting as he divulges all of his relationship based inner-turmoil on a super vibrant and bouncy instrumental. According to a statement he made to Lyrical Lemonade, “Maple Syrup Tears is about embracing the failures of adolescent love, but still keeping it danceable.” He continues that “it’s a song about getting a little too self-reflective, but in the way that you learn a little something new. Bouncy drums, and a hook that’s supposed to be as sticky as that aforementioned brown pancake sauce” . It's a super artful contrast that gets to the center on why Huron's musical world is so remarkable. Make sure to stay peeled with Huron John as he continues to roll out Apocalypse WOW in the upcoming months!

Connect with Huron John: Youtube / Soundcloud / Instagram

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